Granite countertops can make your outdoor kitchen look chic and complete. When designed professionally, they can be the showpiece of your kitchen. Read on to learn about granite countertops.

Information About Granite

Granite is an igneous rock that comes from deep beneath the earth’s crust. It contains several minerals, such as feldspar, quartz, and mica. This stone has risen in popularity as a countertop option because it’s 100% natural, durable, and available in hundreds of colors and designs.

Find out how granite countertops can complement your outdoor kitchen.

Spruce up Your Outdoor Kitchen With Granite

Granite countertops and outdoor kitchens are a natural pairing. Whether you’re renovating an outdoor kitchen space or a poolside bar, granite slabs can make your backyard look ready for partying. Additionally, they can make your area look upscale, so they’ll increase your home’s value.

Moreover, granite is incomparable in style and design. Natural slabs are unique because no two pieces look alike. Homeowners can enjoy rich earth tones, such as gray, white, or black. If neutral colors aren’t your thing, you can go with pastel tones with less dramatic veining.

Perhaps marble has your heart. Although it’s beautiful, marble can be challenging to maintain. Fortunately, you can replicate its look with granite countertops without dealing with the maintenance that comes with marble.

Granite Is Resistant

One of the best reasons to upgrade your outdoor kitchen to granite countertops is because they’re resistant to staining, etching, and heat. If your child accidentally spills a drink on your countertops, they won’t absorb it. You can place a hot pan over them, and the heat won’t scorch them.

These countertops are a relatively affordable, long-term investment. Over the next few years, similarly priced countertops will need to be replaced multiple times; however, granite countertops can last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

Remember, your kitchen’s countertops take the brunt of your daily routine, and they deserve to be crafted out of a timeless stone. If you want an extra layer of protection, you can seal them once a month, which only takes ten minutes.

Enjoy Easy Maintenance

How do you keep your granite countertops looking glamorous? Although outdoor kitchens are stellar, elements such as sun, rain, snow, and hail may take a toll on them. When the party’s over, you should cover your outdoor kitchen with a tarp to keep your countertops in top condition. Keeping them covered can also keep bugs, critters, and debris at bay.

For general cleaning, you can hose off your countertops and use a non-abrasive detergent to remove dust, dirt, and food. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe them dry in a circular motion to prevent streaks. Aim to clean them once a week to fight off bacteria and make them shine.

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