Upgrading a granite countertop in the kitchen and bathroom is one of the best choices a home or business owner can make. Granite boasts dozens of benefits with very few drawbacks. It’s durable and affordable and looks good in just about any space. It’s also high-quality and long-lasting, making it a must-have countertop.

Now that you’ve been convinced to upgrade a granite counter, there are plenty more decisions that you’ll need to make. There are SO many colors and patterns to choose from, not to mention different textures and finishes. 

There are several different textures and finishes that help make each individual granite slab unique. This makes it easy to customize your slab to your personal preferences and to fit the style and design of your space. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about various granite textures and finishes.

Granite Countertop Textures

Think of the texture of granite counters as the pattern in the slab. There are three primary types of granite texture: marble, solid, or speckled. Let’s take a more detailed look at each type.

  • Marbled granite is a trendy type of texture because it looks so high-end and luxurious. These countertops look like super-expensive marble counters, so guests will be shocked to hear they are actually budget-friendly granite. Marbled granite can be quite challenging to track down, but it’s well worth it if you can find them.
  • Speckled granite is the most common granite texture. This type of granite looks almost like it was splattered with paint. The speckles don’t follow a uniform pattern and may be more concentrated in some areas, but the color variation is a great way to break up the monotony of a single-tone room. 
  • Solid granite is the final texture type. Since granite is naturally mined from the earth, it’s nearly impossible to find a completely solid, one-color slab. Instead, solid textured granite has minor color variations with small flecks but is primarily one solid color. These slabs work well in rooms that are visually cluttered and have a calming, neutralizing effect. 

Finishes for Granite Countertops

Once you pick a countertop texture, it will be time to decide what finish you want. The finish you choose will significantly impact the appearance of your countertop and how easily it is to clean and maintain. Here’s a look at the various granite finishes you have to choose from.

  • Polished – A polished finish is what most people envision when they think of granite countertops. Polishing the countertop leaves it shiny and reflective like a mirror. It brings out the natural hues and textures of the granite and gives off an exquisite vibe. The reflective surface is also great for making small rooms seem bigger and more spacious. 
  • Leathered – Plenty of people aren’t into the “shiny” look, and leathered granite is a great alternative. The leathering process adds texture to the slab’s surface to combat the glossy appearance. The result is a surface that’s easy to clean and maintain but is still smooth to the touch. It makes for a very practical yet still elegant countertop. 
  • Caressed – Looking for a perfect blend between a polished and leathered finish? A caressed finish might be precisely what you’re looking for. This look is created by adding a little bit of shine to the leathered finish. It’s done by polishing only the stone’s raised areas and giving a rugged yet elegant look. In addition to a great appearance, caressed finish also helps seal the stone to protect it from moisture. 
  • Honed – Honed is one of the less common granite finishes, but it offers an excellent option for those who don’t want the shine of a polished countertop but don’t love the textured finish of leathered granite. Honing granite requires grinding the stone with a harsh abrasive until it’s smooth but not polishing it afterward. This gives the granite a more subtle appearance and tones down the natural textures and hues in the stone.
  • Brushed – A brushed granite finish is made by gently brushing the unfinished surface of a granite slab until it has a worn and textured appearance. This style is popular in restaurant and hotel bathrooms but isn’t ideal for kitchens. This is because it has some divots and is more porous than other granite finishes, so it’s more difficult to clean and maintain. 
  • Bush-hammered – This type of finish is achieved using a high-impact machine to create uniform pits on the granite slab’s surface. This process lightens the color and creates a rough and weathered texture, making it a common choice for flooring and anti-slip surfaces. It also looks good on countertops and adds visual interest to granite counters.
  • Flamed – Flamed finishes are standard in outdoor kitchens. Extreme temperatures are applied to the stone until the grains burst and change color to create this effect. This results in a rough surface with a worn and faded appearance. Not many stones can withstand the heat that’s required for a flamed finish, but granite is one that can. That’s because it is an igneous rock formed through the extreme heating and cooling of magma.
  • Antiqued – Granite can be antiqued by tumbling stones in a mildly acidic solution with little pebbles, sand, and water. This softens the granite and gives the surface a scuffed and weathered appearance. This look is popular because it does not require additional maintenance but looks highly decorative. 

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