Granite countertops are a prevalent and common choice among homeowners everywhere for more reasons than just their looks.

On top of being a beautiful, natural stone, granite counters are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, are durable and rugged, and are a high-quality material for a reasonable price. Another reason granite counters are popular is how versatile they can be. The various granite finishes allow homeowners to get the exact look they want and help their personal aesthetic and dream come to life.

Continue reading to learn more about the various finishes of granite counters.

The Most Popular Finishes for Granite Countertops

The appearance and texture of the granite slab you select is often the perfect finishing touch for your space and can tie the room together for a sleek and complete look. You can select many different finishes for your granite counters, such as polished, leathered, caressed, honed, and more. From these choices, homeowners can choose the finish that best matches their style and allows them to get the look they’re hoping to achieve. Here’s a deeper look into some of these choices:

Polished Granite — Polished counters are the most common finish for granite. It’s also the most practical choice! The smooth and shiny surface allows the homeowner to quickly and easily clean up and is scratch- and stain-resistant. Because of the polished finish, most of the pores on its surface are sealed, which helps repel moisture.

Leathered Granite — Leathered granite, also called suede granite, has a matte, rough-looking surface. As the name suggests, it has a similar look to suede or leather. The texture and grooves of the finish make it look much different and more casual than polished granite. It offers the most authentic and natural aesthetic and is a favorite option among homeowners because of its low-maintenance qualities, such as hiding fingerprints and other smudges. If you want an industrial-modern look, choose leathered granite counters for your home.

Caressed Granite — The best way to describe caressed granite is to imagine what it would look like you there was a mix of polished and leathered granite. Caressed granite counters have a textured and shiny finish that is low maintenance and showcases the natural colors throughout the stone. This finish is more stain-resistant than honed and suede finishes.

Honed Granite — A honed finish is similar to a polished stone but without a shiny surface. A honed granite countertop is buffed, which creates a matte finish and low-gloss sheen. Honed counters look more natural, rustic, and casual, while the textured surface helps hide dirt and smudges.

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