The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve selected the material for your kitchen countertops—in fact, it’s only the beginning!

Next, you’ll get to choose the type of edge you’d like for your counters. There are handfuls of options to choose from, one or more for every style and design aesthetic for which you’re aiming. It’s all about the details, and the countertop edge you choose is not a detail you want to take lightly. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the options out there.

Continue reading to find out more details about some of the different types of edges for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Standard Edge Styles

If you are going for a cleaner, more simple design, you may want to consider one of the following standard edge styles for your kitchen countertops:

Square or Flat Polished Edge— Square, also referred to as flat polished, is a clean and simple option. This classic and popular option pairs well with many design aesthetics and will stand the test of time.

Beveled Edge — A beveled edge showcases a slight angular edge on the top part of the edge. Typically, beveled edges feature a 45° angle but can be customized to meet your kitchen design. Many homeowners choose beveled edges for their contemporary, more modern styled homes.

Bullnose Edge — There are two types of bullnose edges: full and half. The full bullnose edge offers a rounded edge on both top and bottom, offering a softer design and makes the edge look thinner. In comparison, the half bullnose features a rounded top and squared off bottom, making it appear thicker than its counterpart. Both are commonly found in traditional style homes and are considered a timeless and classic look.

Quarter Round Edge — The quarter round edge is most similar to the half bullnose edge but features a more intense slope at the top of the edge. This sleek look is often in traditional designs.

Specialty Edge Styles

If you want a more high-designed aesthetic, you may want to consider one of the following specialty edges for your kitchen counters:

Ogee Edge — Ogee edges offer a sophisticated, high-design look that features two soft sweeping arches that form a highly stylized curve. This classic edge is elegance and reminiscent of another time and place. Ogee edges are often found in Victorian or Colonial homes.

DuPont Edge — The DuPont edge offers a sharp drop that effortlessly flows into a half bullnose curve. It is quite formal looking and is used in more elegant kitchens and bathroom designs.

Cove Edge — Less formal than the ogee or DuPont edge is the cove edge. The cove edge features a convex slope that flows into a square edge.

Waterfall Edge — As the name suggests, the waterfall edge “falls” from the counter’s flat surface over the vertical edge. Waterfalls counters often meet the floor but can end before then. Waterfalls are an elegant and high-end look used in any style house, but especially more contemporary and modern homes.

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