If your old ceramic sink is ready to go, should you replace it with a single bowl or double bowl sink? Our options for kitchen decor are unlimited. 

Your mom’s kitchen from the 80s can be updated in a multitude of ways, from countertops to cabinets to sinks

We’ll help you break down the different options for a sink upgrade to find the best choice for the way you use your kitchen. A sink is a great place to start, since it is a highly used focal point of your kitchen, and can be swapped without major renovations. Let’s get started. 

Single Bowl Sinks

A single bowl sink is one large, open bowl. Single sinks usually feature one faucet and one drain. These sinks can vary in size, depending on the size, orientation, and needs of the kitchen in question. Single bowl sinks can be top-mounted or under-mounted, though most modern sinks are drop-in, under-mounted styles. You can have a disposal or conventional drain in a single bowl. 

Pros Cons
Great for large items like pots, pans, and baking sheetsWider range of sizes to fit more kitchensLess expensiveEasier faucet placementBetter for DIY projectsLess maintenance Unable to perform multifunctions such as soaking & dryingTakes more counter spaceUses more water & detergentLess versatile

A single bowl sink can be a great option for people who frequently cook and need lots of sink space & depth. If you’re looking for an easy DIY upgrade, then a single bowl is much less complicated for a novice plumber. 

Double Bowl Sinks

A double bowl sink has a divider down the center to create two separate areas (or bowls). Double sinks may have one or two faucets, and each bowl will have its own drain. The bowls may be the same in size, or they can vary in size and depth. Some double sinks feature a smaller bowl for rinsing and drying, with a deeper bowl for washing or soaking. Double sinks can also feature a disposal in one bowl, pull out drying racks, ridges for easier dish-stacking, and measurement markings. 

Pros Cons
Can perform many functions at once such as soaking, prep, drying, washing, or storingUses less water to fill for washingFrees up counter space otherwise used for drying racks or prep area More expensiveComplicated installationIncreased plumbing maintenanceDifficulty washing big itemsLess likely to work in small kitchensFewer faucet & size options

If your kitchen serves many purposes or lacks counter space, a double sink can provide you more options for utilizing the space. If you often soak or hand wash your dishes, this sink can help you do it quickly without wasting extra water. 

The Right Sink for You

If you’re still not sure which sink you want, the experts at Granite 4 Less are happy to weigh in on the single bowl vs. double bowl sink debate. Contact us or visit our Salt Lake City location for granite, sink, and countertop solutions that work for you.