Many homeowners today are opting for a leathered granite in their home, thanks to its classy and durable properties.

Leathered granite, also called suede granite, is unique yet beautiful and features a natural and industrial finish. As its name suggests, its surface is similar to leather and suede, a bit rough-looking and matte — much different from the popular polished finish. Homeowners love their choice because it is relatively low maintenance and holds up well against smudges like fingerprints. But just because it is “low maintenance” does not mean it doesn’t require some attention and care. 

Continue reading for a few maintenance tips and tricks for your glamorous countertops.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Leathered Granite

While it doesn’t require much upkeep, your counters do need some TLC to ensure they last as long as possible. Here’s what you can do to maintain your lettered granite counters:

CLEAN YOUR COUNTERS REGULARLY — It’s important to clean your countertops regularly. Using a cleanser specifically made for natural stones, you can keep your counters looking pristine. Avoid using common all-purpose cleaning solutions, scouring pads, and power cleaners, which are too harsh for granite surfaces and can cause irreversible damage to natural stones. Moreover, these intense cleaners can break down the sealer over time and make your granite look dull. Instead, use a pH-balanced cleanser or a non-acidic mild soap and water mixture to clean your counters and a soft cloth or sponge. Once the area is cleaned, dry your counters with a clean cloth to prevent watermarks from appearing.

ADDRESS SPILLS AND MESSES RIGHT AWAY — While this type of granite is stain-resistant and is a great option for high-traffic rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms, it is wise to address spills and messes as soon as possible to avoid stains and permanent marks.

USE A VACUUM — Because this granite is highly textured, dust and combs can easily become trapped in deep crevices and grooves. Unfortunately, a cloth and cleaner can’t always get your counters perfectly clean. Before you cleanse its surface, use your handheld vacuum or attachment to suck away crumbs and other debris.

SEAL YOUR SURFACES — Despite the fact that granite is a hard natural stone and is extremely durable, it’s a good idea to seal its surface. Sealing your granite only enhances its ability to resist stains and prevent discoloration. The process to give your counter the leathered look actually helps block the pores in the stone, which acts as a natural barrier against stains. But it is not enough to stand up against spills like wine or ink. Using a sealer will make your granite almost completely stain resistant.

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