If you have or are considering investing in quartz countertops in your home, it’s important to know how to care for them properly.

Quartz counters are a popular and common choice among homeowners because of their lengthy list of advantages. At the top of that list is how low maintenance and easy to clean quartz countertops are. However, proper care and maintenance cannot be ignored if you want to keep your counters looking good for years to come.

Learn how to clean your quartz counters below.

How to Clean Your Quartz Countertops

STEP 1 — Clear the Surface

Clear the entire countertop surface of small kitchen appliances, papers, personal belongings, and decor. This step may seem tedious; however, completing this step will ensure every part of your counters are clean every time.

STEP 2 — Wipe Crumbs and Debris Away

Wipe away dried crumbs and any other debris using a dry cloth or sponge. This will ensure you do not scratch your counter’s surface during the cleaning process.

STEP 3 — Scrub Your Surface

Use a nonabrasive sponge or rag with warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap to gently scrub your countertop surface. For areas that are sticky or have caked on gunk, you can scrub a bit more intensely, if necessary. For stubborn spots, use the edge of a razor blade to chip it away carefully. You won’t scratch your counters if the entire edge of the blade is flush with the counter.

STEP 4 — Rinse the Surface

After your counter’s surface is thoroughly cleaned, make sure to rinse away all the soap suds. Soap will lift grease and dirt, and water will wash it away. Rinse out your sponge as necessary to ensure all the soap is removed. After your counter is thoroughly rinsed, use a soft, dry cloth to soak up any excess moisture.

STEP 5 — Disinfect if Necessary

If you need to disinfect your counters, use two cups of warm water and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol mixed in a spray bottle. To make your home smell great, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the mixture. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes before wiping away the remaining moisture.

STEP 6 — Dry the Countertops

After the disinfecting solution has had enough time to clean the surface, use a soft, clean, and dry rag to wipe away the excess moisture. Now, your counters are clean and just about as good as new.

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