If you think your dining table sets the tone for your kitchen, think again. A dining table can easily be replaced, but not your countertops. Countertops are your kitchen’s centerpiece since they define your counters, set the color scheme for your kitchen, and are usually made from quality materials. The design, material, and finish you choose for your countertops is essential because countertops are the foundation of kitchen décor. 

There’s a lot of pressure that goes into selecting the perfect countertop, especially with the wide selection of available countertops. To help simplify the process of picking the right countertops for your abode, here is a list of the top countertop trends of 2019. 

Veining and Patterns

Today’s homeowners are in search of countertops with personality. Unlike the dull, boring styles of years past, countertops now come in a wide variety of patterns; this ensures that your countertops will boast a unique look. Realistic countertop veining is all the rage right now. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns. Not only are veined countertops a hallmark of creativity, but their varied finishes won’t clash with your cabinetry, appliances, and flooring. Remember the old-school days of white countertops that lacked attitude? Gone are the days of white countertops that clashed with white kitchen appliances and white kitchen walls. 

Polished vs. Honed

Designers who keep up with the latest trends know about the increasing popularity of textured and tactile surfaces, which are ideal for countertops. Honed surfaces are versatile and can be applied to almost any material, such as marble, granite, and quartz. You’ve probably heard the myth that marble countertops easily scratch, but that couldn’t be further from the truth with a honed finish. A honed finish is a matte look that has little to no shine, and they typically have a low sheen and a smooth surface. This finish compliments marble countertops because its lack of shine hides any scratch marks. 

A Timeless Classic: Quartz Countertops

Easily one of the most impressive countertop materials, quartz countertops are universally adored by both homeowners and designers alike. Quartz is non-porous and does not have to go through the process of re-sealing, making it a low-maintenance option. Moreover, quartz doesn’t stain easily. The cleanliness of quartz makes it an excellent choice for people who are prone to getting sick easily. One of the top benefits of quartz countertops is that they’re incredibly resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them chipping or scuffing.

Thick Slab Countertops

Another trend in contemporary kitchens is the thick slab countertop. Most countertops are usually 2 inches thick, but several homeowners are now going with countertops that are 3-5 inches thick because they create an anchored, sturdy look. Adjust cabinet heights accordingly to make up for the height increase from thicker countertops. You don’t want your cabinets to nearly touch your countertops, as this will make your kitchen appear cramped and unappealing.

Are you ready to upgrade your countertops? Granite 4 Less offers quartz, marble, and granite countertop options, so contact us today to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.